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Henry Rollins and Iggy Pop star in “Gutterdämmerung – The Loudest Silent Movie on Earth”

This might be the craziest and most bizarre rock ‘n’ roll movie project that has ever been announced. Belgian-Swedish director Bjorn Tagemose and Shoottheartist Films present ”Gutterdämmerung – The Loudest Silent Movie on Earth,” reports SPIN.

BEAT Magazine has some insight into the plot, and reveals that it revolves around the Devil’s Evil Guitar. Iggy Pop plays the punk angel Vicious and Henry Rollins a puritan priest.

The director says in the clip below that he is ”a visual artist who writes his films primarily with imagery”, and therefore he has asked Henry Rollins ”to help him with the dialogue”. However, reveals Rollins, the film has very little dialogue. But it’s loud. The audience will be standing up watching the movie, and there will be a live rock band playing below the screen. ”It’s like a silent movie, but with your favorite band playing instead of that piano,” says Jesse Hughes from Eagles of Death Metal. ”It’s not a rockumentary, but the real fucking deal,” continues Hughes.

12 participating rock icons will be presented, one every week. Watch the launch movie where the first names are presented below, and keep yourself updated every week on the official site, gutterdammerung.com

The film is supposed to premiere in London and Berlin, but no date is mentioned yet.

Honestly, I’m not sure that this isn’t a joke. But if it’s actually true – I can’t wait to see this movie!

One comment on “Henry Rollins and Iggy Pop star in “Gutterdämmerung – The Loudest Silent Movie on Earth”

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