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Review: Eagles of Death Metal ‘Zipper down’

Ever since I first heard a song by Eagles of Death Metal I have loved listening to them. Not in a this-is-my-favourite-band kind of way, but I love the way it’s entertaining, fun, mood lifting and always makes me smile. Their 2006 album Death By Sexy is something I throw in the record player and dance around a bit in the kitchen to brighten me up while making dinner on a dull Tuesday evening.

That’s what I expect from Eagles of Death Metal, no more, no less. Zipper Down is their fourth studio album, and it has been seven years since last time. This time the original members Jesse Hughes (on the album cover refered to as Boots Electric) and Josh Homme (Baby Duck) do everything themselves without help from additional musicians as before. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. My hopes were high. And I was not disappointed. If you have the same feelings as I have about EoDM you will find that this album hits the right spot immediately.

The first track, ”Complexity” (previously released single), has the potential of becoming a huge mega monster hit. Here’s the instant smile, happiness, uptempo fun I’m looking for. I have no problem imagining this song on repeat in my home for a couple of months. ”Complexity” captures the spirit of EoDM, which is a band that’s here to entertain you, with no pretentious intentions. It’s apparent that the duo had as much fun in the studio as I have listening to the result of their recording sessions.

”Silverlake”, ”Got a Woman”, ”Got the Power” follow the same pattern, while ”I Love You All The Time” is a slower song, as the title suggests a full of love.

”Skin-Tight Boogie” is a groovy kind of rap featuring Hughes’ girlfriend Tuesday Cross on backing vocals.

An unexpected choice to include is ”Save a Prayer”, which is a cover of the song by Duran Duran from 1982. Here EoDM adds a bit of dirty sound to the synthpop original. Not being a Duran Duran fan myself I don’t particularly like this track, because it has too much of the original in it.

With ”The Reverend” the band finishes the album excellently with the classic EoDM sound that leaves you smiling for the rest of the day

A couple of plain and uninteresting song make the overall impression a 4 out of 5, but for the most part I love the album.

Track listing

1. Complexity

2. Silverlake (K.S.O.F.M.)

3. Got a Woman

4. I Love You All The Time

5. Oh Girl

6. Got the Power

7. Skin-Tight Boogie

8. Got a Woman (slight return)

9. The Deuce

10. Save a Prayer (Duran Duran cover)

11. The Reverend

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