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My name is Hanna Graf and I am a Swedish woman in my late 30s. My blog is all about music.

Some posts are very personal, about how it has shaped me and what different bands, albums and concerts mean to me. When I started my blog I focused a lot on communicating my own feelings, but lately I have decided to report some news and less personal reviews as well.

Music has always been in my life, but since I started actively listen and learn some years ago – music has become one of the keystones in my life. I think there is a difference between hearing music and listening to music.

I write to inspire others to read and listen. I’d like to inspire you to listen to something that’s new to you, or invite you to share my thoughts and views on something you already like. I’d love to hear in comments whether you agree or disagree with me and if you find my stories interesting and/or helpful in any way.

Punk rock, grunge and rock are my main genres. I do not care about trends, what is hot right now, or if what I listen to is new or old. Most of it is old, and some of it I found a long time after its release. The best music is timeless and ageless.

You will also find PunkRockHappy on Twitter and Instagram. Many of my posts there are music-related as well. Since June 2015 I’m also a reporter for AlternativeNation.net

Share your thoughts!

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